Go Dumpster Terms and Rental Agreement


Customers can place a dumpster rental request by telephone, or online at GoDumpster.com. No order is confirmed or final until Go Dumpster, Inc., either calls and schedules the dumpster rental, or emails such notification to customer.

Customers must agree to this dumpster rental agreement and terms by electronic signature acceptance through GoDumpster.com, or a third party website which collects electronic signatures of customers which shows customer's agreement to rent a dumpster with Go Dumpster, Inc.

Customer will be required to pay in full for the dumpster rental before the delivery day.

Customer and Go Dumpster, Inc. can use email communication regarding rental terms, dumpster sizes, overfull excess fees, fines, penalties, final invoices, and unforeseen issues.

Customer is responsible for directing the roll off driver to deliver the dumpster in a proper and safe place, and the customer has the right to instruct the roll off driver to place the dumpster in the desired area.

Customer is responsible to communicate with Go Dumpster, Inc., for the times and locations of the dumpster delivery, length of usage time, and time of dumpster pick-up.

Customer will be responsible for extra fees if the roll off driver cannot pick up the dumpster at the agreed time and location, for any reason.

Go Dumpster, Inc, has the right to pick up the dumpster at any time if any of the terms of this agreement are violated or not complied with.

Cancellation of a dumpster rental must be received by Go Dumpster, Inc, 24 hours before the time of delivery. The cancellation fee is $50.00 prior to the 24-hour period and $125.00 within the 24-hour period.

Every town, city, unincorporated areas in a County, or any other area or location, has its own laws, rules, regulations, and fees if any, concerning the rental and usage of dumpsters. Customer is responsible for checking with the area-governing agency in which the dumpster will be used, and for obtaining and paying for all special permits and licenses, which may be required.


Customer will obtain all necessary permits and licenses for acceptance and usage of the dumpsters. Customer shall indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Go Dumpster, Inc., its owners, agents, and assigns from any fines, penalties, and legal expenses incurred by Customer's failure to obtain the proper and necessary permits and licenses as required by federal, state, or local laws.

Prohibited items include adhesives, air conditioners, asbestos, automotive waste, computers, contaminated soils, dead animals, dish washers, disinfectants, driveway sealers, dryers, electronic waste, flammables, fluorescent lights, food waste, fuels, hazardous materials, heaters, herbacides, hot water tanks, household appliances, infectious waste, inks, insecticides, lacquers, lead, medical waste, microwave ovens, oil filters, oils, oven cleaners, ovens, paints, poisons, pool chemicals, railroad ties, refrigerators, resins, sludge, solvents, strippers, tars, thinners, tires, toxic chemicals, tree stumps, terpentine, varnish, washers, and other items that are harmful to the environment or human health.

If customer places prohibited items in the dumpster, customer shall be responsible for all costs, including but not limited to legal fees, fines, disposal of such items, associated with the proper handling of the prohibited items. Customer shall also be responsible for federal and state penalties and fines, and fees for excess weight of the materials placed in the dumpster.

Customer shall not do anything which causes the dumpster to damage any personal or real property, including but in no way limited to roadways, roads, streets, and asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Customer shall be responsible for any and all damage to dumpsters in excess of normal wear and tear.

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Effective as of March 07, 2019